Sunday, June 18, 2006

When in Doubt, what would Love do?

We all seem lost in an incredible world of negativity and fear. Yet through thought and word we find there is a commonality to all of us and that is our desire to be loved. Firstly, however, we must believe that we are worthy of that love.

In one of the “Conversations With God” books, a question was asked of God and the reply was “When in doubt, what would love do?” Be mindful of the fact that the only way to see the world each day is through the eyes of love.

Fear, anger and hate are illusions. Joy and love are real. The next time you feel like complaining remember 'we are the choices that we make'. Become fearless, replace your negativity with joy and love and you will find that you percieve life differently. The struggles will not go away. In fact the struggles keep us alive. The lessons learnt along the way becomes wisdom which forms the basis for our lifestyles.

Tomorrow is a new day. How about a fresh start? Make your choices with mindfulness, fearlessly and with love and your life's journey will become one that is filled with remarkable joy.