Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's Mango Season here!

Dear blogging buddies,

I've been busy, very busy. Rushing around, even injuring my knee in the process. Now, I'm laid up so to speak. God's way of telling me to slow down and enjoy the journey. So, I spent the better part of yesterday and today on my back with my feet elevated and my knee ice packed whilst randomly appreciating the view of the blooming Mango Tree in my backyard. My daughter took these photos today before she 'raided' the tree. LOL

I don't know about y'all, but we love mangos. One of the fun things to do here in the tropics is to eat ripe mangos, ripe, juicy and dripping with sweetness. There is even a song written about the Mango Tree by Monty Norman for the classic James Bond Movie "Dr. No". Let's see, it goes something like this .....

I intend to get back into the gym as soon as possible and walking is always a good idea to get fit. However, walking is out for the moment as stepping on my right leg triggers intense pain in my right knee. If anyone out there can give some advice on the best way to get my knee joint back on track, let me know.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Asi Fue - And that's how it went

My time off from blogger was enforced due to technical difficulties on this end, much of which has been since resolved.

Much has been happening in my little corner of the tropics, not the least being the upcoming graduation of daughter number one. She is burning the midnight oil lately in preparing for her exams and has been looking online for prom dresses, graduation gowns and the like. As you can imagine, there is a cost to all this! LOL

On a lighter note, the KTV Latino (karoake tv latino songs competition) is over and the champion has been crowned. It wasn't my favorite, but she came in a handy second in this competition. Congratulations to Ms. Natalie Arceo for her gracious presence and elegant musical stylings throughout the competition. She has provided the fodder for much of the latin songs I have been airing lately on this blog. Keep up the good work with your students in San Pedro, Natalie, and buena suerte!

During the final show, all four finalists came together to sing Asi Fue in musical harmony which was their final musical tribute to the crowd of fans which had squeezed into the Bliss Institute to see their favorite finalists. This is a much loved latin song here in the tropics emanating from the great Mexican artist, Juan Gabriel. Here is a rendition of this song from Playa Limbo.