Sunday, September 26, 2010


The month of September is almost over and here in the tropics, life has been hectic for this blogger. This is the time of the year when school reopens, the national celebrations occur and the hurricanes come hither and tither.

We had a very worrying time this past week when it was predicted that Tropical depression "Matthew" was heading directly our way and it had the potential to develop into a hurricane when it reached our tiny jewel. Of course, we all made the necessary preparations. No one was sad, however, when the threatened storm veered away from us and a big sigh of relief was collectively heaved around here by everyone.

In other news from the tropics, a coffee table book entitled "Heavenly Belize" has been released in digital format. It is a captivating aerial view of beautiful Belize captured by Lithuanian photographer, Marius Jovaisa. The book includes photos of the Mayan Ruins, swamps, forests and the outlying islands which are native to our homeland by the sea. Please give the video a review and let me know what you think of this aerial marvel. If nothing else, you will agree that Belize is a land of lush beauty waiting to be explored by the adventurous at heart. Could that someone be you?