Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome back Kotter!

Dear blogging buddies,

I have been AWOL (absent without official leave) since last year from the blogging circuit. Though it has been awhile, I have been making random visits to some of my favorite blogs and have been keeping in touch.
I hope most of you were as glad as I am to see the passing of 2008. To celebrate the New Year, I am heralding in 2009 with a poem from Helen Steiner Rice:
Be of Good Cheer, There is Nothing to Fear
Cheerful thoughts like sunbeams
Lighten up the darkest fears
For when the heart is happy
There's just no time for tears -
And when the face is smiling
It's impossible to frown,
And when you are high-spirited
You cannot feel low-down
For the nature of our attitude
Toward circumstantial things
Determines our acceptance
Of the problems that life brings.
And since fear and dread and worry
Cannot help in any way,
It's much healthier and happier
To be cheerful every day-
And if you'll only try it
You will find, without a doubt,
A cheerful attitude's something
No one should be without-
For when the heart is cheerful
It cannot be filled with fear,
And without fear the way ahead
Seems more distinct and clear-
And we realize there's nothing
We need ever face alone
For our heavenly Father loves us
And our problems are His own.
Hope that y'all will stop by to visit and let me know how you're doing.