Saturday, December 02, 2006

It's Time to Rock with Rock 'n Roll Legend, RICK SPRINGFIELD

Sahara Aldridge with Rick Springfield
"I have known 'Little Miss S' since she was 5 and she is a bright spark in this weary world and this planet NEEDS her. Please join us at the Show Me Center, December 8th for a powerful show for an even more powerful cause".--Rick Springfield, Rock & Roll Legend
(Excerpted from Michael Manning's blog post of Wednesday, November 22, 2006)

Unlike my previous BLOGs, I'm going to share information to assist those of you who live "OUT OF STATE" who want to attend this "once in a lifetime" concert event. Also, I am also going to repeat information for those of you who live in and around Cincinnati, Ohio area who wish to join me on the custom Tour Bus I have leased--which is FREE, by the way. And the reason I'm posting this everyone, is because I received word that a woman in California read my BLOG POSTS here and she responded by booking a flight from California to Missouri! I presume she is flying into Cape Girardeau Regional Airport (CGI) and the Show Me Center advised me that she also wants to meet me, which is a privilege. Now, I realize that not everyone of you can do this. Many of you are married with children and heavy responsibilities. But I know you care deeply. There's still a way you can help and I'll share that here too in a moment.

I have leased a Tour Bus and assembled the components of this project to invite people who really love high octane Rock & Roll to join me. Many of you who are local have E-mailed me asking what local Radio and Television Stations they can tune in to listen and watch this story unfold. I'll also talk about how you can help even if you can't attend (and many of you live outside the US and want to help). So, let me just answer your FAQ's straight away:

Answer: All donations may be sent to: US Bank, Sahara HOOPS Aldridge "Slam Dunk Cancer" Fund, 325 N. Kingshighway, Cape Girardeau, MO. 63701 USA.
Answer: You bet! Go to Sahara Aldridge's website at: Remember folks, that you are speaking to a 12 year old girl--so rather than get heavy--a simple word of encouragement is preferable and would be really cool!
Answer: Very Cool! First, get your ticket by contacting Ticketmaster by phone at (573) 651-5000. The Ticket levels are $25 & $35 and Premium Tickets at $200 include a Special Artists Reception with Rick Springfield. NOTE: "Out of State" people can also go online at: to book tickets. Once you are on the Show-Me Center website, click on Directions for auto travel from Illinois, Kentucky or Missouri. If you are flying to the event, I suggest that you contact airlines who service your city or town for assistance to Cape Girardeau Regional Airport (CGI).
Answer: If you are "Out of State", just call the DRURY LODGE at (573) 334-7151 and mention the Code Word: "SHOW ME" for a $69 plus tax special discounted room rate. A free breakfast buffet is available as well.
Answer: You are awesome too! From our area, you need to call Ticketmaster at (573) 651-5000 and use the code name : "BUS" and mention The Rick Springfield Benefit Concert for Sahara Aldridge in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. We have 56 seats reserved in Section 103 Rows J-M. Tickets are $25 and $35. The Premium Artist Reception with Rick is $200. So there's a ticket to fit any budget! Next, if you are going on the Tour Bus, the way to book your DRURY LODGE room at the $69 plus tax discounted rate is slightly different from the "Out of State" people. Go online at and Click On: "Book It Fast", Use this code: 262455 . Then proceed to book your room. Once you have a Confirmation Number, Email me at: and provide me with the following: Your full name, Daytime and Evening Phone Number with Area Code, and your Hotel Confirmation Number. Remember people, WE STILL HAVE SEATS AVAILABLE! Don't get left behind! Act Now!!!. I will also be accepting "Stand-By" names for those who are otherwise willing to follow our bus by car. In the event that we have a "No Show", I will fill that seat with a "Stand By" person.

Answer: At 8:30 A.M. on Thursday, December 7th, 2006 our Tour Bus will pull up in front of The Westin Hotel located directly across the street from the newly-renovated Fountain Square in the center of downtown Cincinnati at 5th & Vine Streets! Macy's department store is catty-corner across the street (with the HUGE new Jumbo Screen TV on their roof). Parking is available at the Northern Fountain Square Garage on Vine Street, or at the 5th and Race Street Open Lot (next to the Millennium Hotel). I will endeavor to secure free parking. This is still underway. I will be carrying Mayor Mallory's Proclamation on board designating December 8, 2006 as "SAHARA ALDRIDGE DAY" in The City of Cincinnati! Isn't that a blast? We will depart promptly at 9:00 A.M. for Cape Girardeau, Missouri and arrive at 4:00 P.M. where Channel 12 Television will be awaiting our arrival at the DRURY LODGE to interview us! We will overnight at the hotel, then enjoy an Ultra-Groovy Breakfast Buffet the morning of the concert! The concert begins at 7:30 P.M. Those who have Premium Gold tickets to enjoy an Artist Reception with Rick Springfield will be driven to the meeting site by our Tour Bus. Our meeting point after the concert will be the bus so we can "overnight" back to Cincinnati. This is a Tour bus and the seats recline. "Overnighting" tours are common. The bus has three flat screen TV's, DVD and CD players and a restroom. Even our Driver is Groovy! Lakefront Lines is the largest Tour Bus operator in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. They have received the highest awards of safety and excellence from both The Department of Transportation and The Department of Defense. Our Tour bus is new. We will Rock!
Answer: YES! Tune in Radio Station WGRR 103.5 FM, Winner of "Adult Contemporary Station of the Year". This is where you will find interviews with Rick and all information related to the show and this Cincinnati-based project in the days ahead! WGRR 103.5 FM is THE "Official Radio Station" for "The Cincinnati Sahara Aldridge Express" Tour Bus Trip to The Rick Springfield Benefit Concert for Sahara.
This is truly a unique Cincinnati story. The Cincinnati Police will be Escorting our bus out of the city limits as a "tip of the hat" to Sahara for making so much phenomenal progress! I continue to work on tying up some smaller details here while I remain available to Media.
All of your Prayers, Good Wishes, E-mails, Mediations, Good Vibes sent through the Universe and Blogosphere are being felt and appreciated. Keep it up! And don't forget to say a brief hello to Sahara for a smile and encouragement!

All proceeds from ticket sales after expenses are paid will go to benefit Sahara and her family. Rick Springfield is playing the concert for free. For more information on the concert, visit or Michael Manning at:


Belizegial said...

Hello Everyone,

I decided to devote this blog post issue to the upcoming Rick Springfield Benefit concert being held in honor of Ms. Sahara Aldridge

I am in full support of this project. A lot of effort has been put into this by my blogger buddy, Michael Manning and so this blog issue is dedicated to Sahara, Michael Manning, Rick Springfield and all the behind the scene supporters who are going all out to bring this event to a successful fruition on Friday December 8th at the Show Me Center in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

If you can attend this fun event, have a great time. For those who can't, please visit the web links on my post to see how you can otherwise donate, during this season of giving and caring, to such a worthy cause.

Peace and blessings

Michael Manning said...

Enid: Blessings your way for helping me like this. I am genuinely stunned by your warmth! I have briefly updated Sunday's Blog.

To answer your question: My days since November 6 have started at 9:30 AM and concluded around 3 AM. The single largest obstacle for me was the fact that "Inspiration" knows no timing. To have begun this project one day before Elections and still to have Missouri Radio, TV and Print Media ringing my phone off the hook was truly inspiring! But there was next to nothing in the originating city--here in Cincinnati!

This is really Rick's project. My involvement comes from being an admirer of Rick as a fellow Musician and Actor who has suffered the same losses I have and has, like me--like all of us--continued to soldier on. My project began just 24 hours after negotiations with a large TV network in New York (that I won't disclose) to become a Field Correspondent broke down. Knowing the remainder of the year was lost, I really had to get out of my own head, my own tensions and worries--which are trivial compared with Sahara. As it turns out, Sahara is being treated at the very same hospital where my Cousin was treated: MD Anderson in Houston. My Cousin was remarkable and beautiful. She taught me to ride horses and died young, mere months after my Father's Christmas week death. Her Dad (my uncle) also died of Cancer. My Mother is herself a Cancer survivior and I did interview Musician David M. Bailey who has beaten brain Cancer and tours about as much as Rick Springfield does! Sahara has a real chance but she needs our physical presence at the show!

I looked at my hometown and saw so many problems. So, I layed out a blueprint for a "grass roots" plan for The People of Cincinnati to have a stake in changing the image of Cincinnati from a crime-ridden, economically deprived city to that of a destination city a that is "rebuilding". I met with Mayor Mallory's office and told them point blank that the Rick Springfield Benefit Concert for Sahara Aldridge was our opportunity to show that we have Love and that it "transcends" mere State Lines! Mayor Mallory listened to my impassioned pleas and ultmately agreed and we managed to get a Proclamation pushed through for the 8th as "Sahara Aldridge Day". There was no time to fund raise. So I bid out to tour bus companies knowing the media would never listen to me without a Tour Bus in hand. Within a day, I charged a bus on a credit card hoping to cover it later with a Charitable Foundation of come kind.

Then tragedy struck with "Sweeps", the ratings period where Television stations focus on high impact stories only. As such, no one here in Cincinnati knew about the RS concert because no kne would cover it no matter how much I screamed and yes--I was diplomatic. I was shoved aside by all but one Radio and one TV Station.

So it has only been within the last 24 hours that people have begun to notice. I've appealed to bars, restaurants, churches, people in the streets, walked miles in the rain with flyers and reached out to national and local TV, Radio and Print sources. It has been a brutal process in a very concentrated period of time.

Yesterday 4 women e-mailed me stating they have Premium $200 tickets for a reception with Rick as I do. I said "Why drive when you can join us on a Tour Bus for FREE?" I guess they had to think about it. Four other girls withdrew commitments where I buy my music equipment. THAT was a shocker! Because one of the girls lost her 20-something friend to Cancer. Her late friend left her $2,000 and told her before dying to "Spend it". This young girl committed with another girl at Sam Ash Music and they promised to recruit two more girls. I never heard back from them. Sudenly, the hotel and bus company and all these people I had lined up were ringing me up and saying "Hey? Where is everybody?" I called around and the girls in question had changed their minds. This is what you deal with against formidable odds as I have just outlined.

So, I have focused squarely on large institutions that can e-mail data bases of people who would enjoy an excursion to a GREAT Rock concert for a powerful cause. My worldwide webcast yielded nothing. It came down to the Cincinnati reach. A local paper did a nice article. Again, no response.

Let's see now if the #1 Rated Television Station Interview will work!! I have committed a $2,410.00 credit facility to secure the bus but if people continue with this lack of response I will keep the bus, but I'll be forced to "capacity control" the hotel rooms to protect myself from deep financial harm. People need to have the news reach them. It is not their fault that this didn't happen and I had absolutely no control over that. Now a TV station will cover me. A local Radio station has tried to help; an internet sports station in Cleveland has jumped in to help bail me out. But I have 4 days to make an emergency plea to get the word out and make sure we don't disappoint Sahara. She is expecting a bus load of Cincinnatian's and she is only 12. I will NOT see her let down over all of this unfortunate crap. So, at the end of the day, I look at where we are and I say, "We only need 54 people out of a city of 1.5 million! It can be done. PLEASE help!! Well, that help is just now coming. Thanks Enid for allowing me to share the "State of the Heart" from my side of things. All prayers, good wishes and meditations are accepted and needed. I have no regrets about reaching out to Sahara. "Could Have, Should Have, Would Have" is all useless. I have to go with what is being offered and good people are now coming forward. Obviously the Channel 9 interview will be the most important.

Thank you, dear! (((HUGS))) for listening!!!

Anonymous said...

this is awesome! on my way to sahara's site now. =)

Deb S. said...

Bless you for this information, Enid.

Michael Manning said...

Pia and Deb: Two more souls who care. Please spread the word to anyone you know on your street, in local media, ANYWHERE. I will be available 24/7 to sepak to any Radio or TV station by telephone. Rick has really got a heart and a great project and we will help him achieve a phenomenal success. lol from my home to yours!

---Michael Manning :-)

Rose said...

I heard about this in St. Louis. IO believe it was in our major newspaper. Bless you, Rick, Manning for doing this... Too many folks claim to something but does nothing...I only live about 85 miles from this. I will make a donation as I have done to the American Cancer Society for the last five years.

I have lost 2 brothers, 6 uncles, and 2 aunts,a gret uncle, and grandparents
from cancer. I also give out a book scholarship once a year in the name of my brothers.

Thanks for sharing.....

Tubby said...


I pray and trust in God that the upcoming Rick Springfield Benefit concert for Sahara Aldridge will be a great success. God bless Rick Springfield, Michael Manning, You, and All who have laboured on behalf of Sahara and her family.

Belizegial said...

Hello everyone,

My heartfelt gratitude to all who came by to visit and in some way was touched by Sahara Aldridge's story and her plight. Thanks for your prayers and contributions also.

I am happy to report that the Rick Springfield benefit concert went off well and that Sahara had a fun time~~

For updates on this event, please visit Sahara's blog and Michael Mannings blog. Both web links are in my sidebar. Please click on same to be transferred to their blogsites.

To the Aldridge parents, my prayers continue to be with you at this time. A tough decision had to be made and you are doing what is best for Sahara at this time.

God Bless all of you,

HeiressChild said...

hi enid,

i looked for you a couple of times on I-M, but you may not have been at work, or just hadn't logged on yet. this is such a good picture of you. you really look good in red. i hope your week has been a good one, though i'm sure a busy one, at the job and at home, shopping with the girls. *lol* have a great and restful weekend.

take care,

p.s. did you ever talk to rick about giving me a personal in-my-home concert? *lol*

sjobs said...

I am so moved by this post. I have just found your blog. It is wonderful what people are doing for this young girl. As a parent I cannot imagine going through something like this.

I have been a huge fan of Rick since his General Hospital days in the 80s.


Shirazi said...

Great cause. I am on my way to Sahara...

Anonymous said...

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